Friday, September 14, 2012

501C3 Churches, owned by the Government

Many churches are coming into "holy" matrimony with the State. In this matrimony, the church receives additional tax breaks but the catch is, the government is now in control of the church, and their building. Why? Because the church and their building, under a 501C3, automatically becomes government property. The government actually has the right to close a 501C3 church, keep their building, and then open the building up to a church of Satan that is also a 501C3 church. Isn't that interesting?
Things that make you go hmmm.

When your church becomes a 501C3, that means your church gives away their 1st amendment right. You're now going to the government saying, "Can I please have permission to preach the gospel?"
You already had permission through the 1st amendment but the government dangles some extra benefits in front of you and you end up taking the bait. The only one who is suppose to be head over the church is Yahushua Moschiach (Jesus Christ).

Free speech is not allowed in 501C3 churches. For example, your church pastor is not allowed to speak against any of the presidential candidates. He/she has to speak neutral about them. If a 501C3 pastor speaks against one candidate and someone from the IRS hears about it, they will step in and warn that pastor to not violate the 501C3 rules or else the church will be shut down.

Here are a few 501C3 rules:

"The Pastor cannot declare publicly that the church is to obey God and not the government."
"The Pastor cannot oppose laws legalizing sodomy."
"May not engage in political activities opposing pornography."
"May not support legislation saying that children belong to parents and not the state."
"May not advocate support of the U.S or State constitution as the supreme law of the land."
"May not participate in opposing the school system."

Interesting indeed...

Government Churches In America aka 501c3

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