Wednesday, September 15, 2010

"I sold my soul to the Devil"

When someone says that they sold their soul to the Devil, is it just an expression, or is it something deeper than that?
People such as, Kanye West, Kate Perry, Bob Dylan, Eminem and many others talk about selling their souls to the Devil. What does that mean?... And if the children are listening to this, how will these artists affect, or should I say, infect them?
Kanye West, when he first came out, he did a song that many people would label, Christian music (Jesus Walks)
So what happened?
In the music Industry there seems to be a fight between good and evil... And it seems as if evil is winning;
So is it worth it to gain the World and lose your soul?
Do we have any artists out there who will stand for what's right?
I hope I'm not standing by myself...

New Lewi


  1. Dear New Lewi,

    You are not standing by yourself.

    If a line is drawn at the orgy of the golden calf, and they ask, "Who is on the side of YHWH?" I know I'm lining up next to you.

    Holding His name as precious,


  2. LOL! I love the way you write Anne! Miss you girl!

  3. You're definitely not alone. There are many out there who are standing for what's right but just aren't being heard. People have to ban together

  4. You're blogging!!!! I'm super happy about this =) Stand up and be heard, New Lewi!

  5. Keep on keeping on bro...

  6. You are not alone Orville and you are not standing by yourself. A friend of us and his band are glorifying Jesus with a "ROCKABILLY" style. Website at:

    Free sample songs at



  7. Rockabilly! Nice!...
    Thank you guys... Stay tuned for more blogs.