Saturday, September 18, 2010

Is there no turning back?

Many artists in the past, sold their souls to the devil... So is that it for them? No turning back?

Tupac Shakur rapped about violence and about selling his soul... But then something happened. He all of a sudden started rapping about repentance, praying to Jesus, and standing up for what's right.
Him standing up for his new believe, resulted in his death... The same with Michael Jackson, and others. These guys were tired of being used for evil... So did God answer their prayers?
Is it possible to get your soul back after you sold it?... After you've turned so many people away from God?
Can the shedding of Jesus' Blood actually save you from making such a bad mistake?... Even though He died for your sins over 2000 years ago?
Can a man, filled with satanic tattoos all over his body, be saved? I mean, he's like that for life!
NEVER, NEVER NEVER, be quick to judge. No matter how someone looks and/or what they might have said in the past.

Why was Lil Wayne really locked up?... The answer is deeper than you may think.
In his latest album, Lil Wayne talks about many artists selling their souls for the fame and that he's been begging for repentance. He also raps about being tired of "them" telling him to rap about the same things.
So why was he locked up? Is he being silenced for a reason?
Eminem's new song, "Not Afraid," sounds like an inspirational music, despite the cursing :-)
He also talks about leaving Hip Hop because he's tired of being used. It's deeper than you think. There is a spirit behind Hip Hop, and that's who he's talking to. Eminem is crying out for help, because he knows he wants to leave but at the same time he's addicted to the game.
Enjoy the video

Rap, is an art form that is about being fully expressed; And in order for you to Fully Express the right things, you need to pay attention to what you're fully connected to.
So, what are you fully connected to?

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