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"Jesus can't save you life starts when the church ends" part 2

 Let's go back and dig up one of Jay Z's old song, that might explain what he's gotten into... I'll translate meditate some of it for you.
song title "D'Evils"
"Dear God, I wonder can you save me?"
"Illuminati want my mind, soul, and my body..."
"Dear God, I wonder can you save me?"
"Secret society, tryin' to keep they eye on me..."        

[Verse 1]
This shit is wicked on these mean streets
None of my friends speak
We're all tryin' to win, but then again
Maybe it's for the best though, 'cause when they're seein' too much
You know they're tryin' to get you touched
(talking about the strugggles in life. I gotta get mine mentallity)
Whoever said illegal was the easy way out couldn't understand the
And the workings of the underworld, granted  

(he's found something more prosperous than the illegal way of living. He was introduced to the underworld)
Nine to five is how to survive, I ain't tryin' to survive
I'm tryin' to live it to the limit
and love it a lot
(he's telling you why he decided to accept the underworld... Tired of being the average man)
Life ills, poison my body
I used to say 'fuck mic skills,' and never prayed to God, I prayed to
That's right it's wicked, that's life I live it
Ain't askin' for forgiveness for my sins
, endz
(I pray that Jay Z will repent for his sins. Are you in agreement?)
I break bread with the late heads, picking their brains for angles on
all the evils that the game'll do

(Jay got introduced to the underworld and met other successful people in the industry who introduced him to the angels who gave them fame and fortune)
It gets dangerous, money and power is changing us
And now we're lethal, infected with D'Evils...
(He was convinced and took the offer he couldn't refuse)


[Verse 2]
(This verse was a very personal verse, dedicated to his "friend.")
We used to fight for building blocks
Now we fight for blocks with buildings that make a killin'
(Now he's starting to see the fame and fortune)
The closest of friends when we first started
But grew apart as the money grew, and soon grew black-hearted
Thinkin' back when we first learned to use rubbers
(him and his "friend" both heard about the mechanics of the underworld)
He never learned so in turn I'm kidnappin' his baby's mother
(You don't want to accept what the underworld has to offer?... Then you'll regret it)
My hand around her collar, feeding her cheese
She said the taste of dollars was shitty so I fed her fifties
About his whereabouts I wasn't convinced
So I kept feedin' her money 'til her shit started to make sense
Who could ever forsee, we used to stay up all night at slumber parties
now I'm tryin' to rock this bitch to sleep
(He's talking about the same "woman"... A message to his "friend"... You should have learned the game... I'm famous, you're not... So I'm taking those close to you and force feed them this money and tell them to do things they normally wouldn't do... I'll force feed them until it makes sence to them... Then when I'm done with them, I'll put them to sleep.)
All the years we were real close
Now I see his fears through her tears, know she's wishin' we were still
Don't cry, it is to be
In time, I'll take away your miseries and make 'em mine, D'Evils...


[Verse 3]
My flesh, no nigga could test
(now he's feeling the power)
My soul is possessed by D'Evils in the form of diamonds and lexuses
(Jay received his promotion after hurting his "friend")
The exorcist, got me doin' skits like
(now the demon within Jay begins to speak)
Homie, You don't know me, but the whole world owe me
(Now back to Jay)
Was thought to be a pleasant guy all my fuckin' life
So now I'm down for whatever, ain't nothing nice
Throughout my junior high years it was all friendly
But now this higher learnin' got the Remy in me
Liquors invaded my kidneys
Got me ready to lick off, mama forgive me
(the demons are now in control)
I can't be held accountable, D'Evils beating me down, boo
Got me runnin' with guys, makin' G's,
(talking about money but also talking about masonry)
tellin' lies that sound true
Come test me, I never cower
For the love of money, son, I'm givin' lead showers
Stop screamin', you know the demon said it's best to die
And even if Jehovah witness, bet he'll never testify, D'Evils...
(Good boy gone bad... And because of Jay Z, I know of a few good girls gone bad as well... disturbia!)

Dear God I wonder can you save me....
(He can save you Jay! He's still knocking on your door. Let Him in.)

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