Thursday, October 28, 2010

Human Sacrifices on Holloween

As we draw near to Holloween, I'm reminded of this woman who claims that she was once apart of a group called, "illuminati."
She is now a Christian and she shared some pretty interesting things...
This vid is the first of five so I'll leave it up to you if you desire to dig deeper into it.
I jotted a few things she said....
She claims that she was once apart of the illuminati. She was actually born and raised in it.
Certain satanic holy days, like Holloween, they do human sacrifices
Tens of Thousands are sacrificed all over the World
They have women who are called breeders. There is no record of them being alive. They breed babies to be sacrificed.
Also, many kids who are kidnapped, are usually for a sacrifice.
They also sacrifice adult men, at a ceremony before Easter. (Interesting)
They feel that they gain power through the sacrifices, because there is power in the blood.
Illuminatis are generational satanists
Illuminati pushing for a financial callapse in order to gain more control. They want to set up Martial Law. They've been planning it for a very long time.
They want to control Jerusalem.
You cant be President without being souled out to their agenda (She was also being groomed for being in Government)
They've been testing the chip. Implanting it in humans. They want to eventually make it manditory.
She said that we should really focus on getting out of debt. (Interesting)
So... Is this woman crazy?!... Or is she telling the truth?!....
Yhwh gave me a vision. I was performing at an Awards show, and while I'm performing, live on TV, I have a secret army working by stealth, getting into the secret hideouts, saving 1000's of kids... Everytime I do a performance on one of their "holy" days, I have a secret army doing the dirty work... And none of it is caught in the media, except a few leaks here and there...  
When Yhwh shows me visions like these, I almost feel as if I'm going crazy!
Satan hates us with a passion, because we are made in the image and likeness of God. What vision is Yhwh showing you? If the vision looks possible, then you haven't even scratched the surface of what He's calling you to do.  
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  1. Look at this 2 Tracts:

    QUESTION: What about "Skull & Bones" ?

  2. Thank you for sharing the tracts...

    "Skull & Bones" is a secret society. President John F Kennedy actually spoke against this secret society in a speech before they assassinated him...
    Now many people make the mistake of accussing everybody who's ever been in Skull & Bones, to be workers of evil, but not everyone in the secret society, has seen the "secret."
    In other words, there is an inner circle, within the circle of Skull & Bones members.
    The same with Catholics and Masonry. On the surface, it seems innocent and many catholics and masonic people truly love and follow God, but then when you get into the inner circle, then you're introduced to the evil that lies within.
    With that said, let us never be quick to judge others who are apart of these groups.
    Love never fails...

  3. I guess the Kennedy thing is speculation at best and borderline consideration theory, only my guess.
    I do not want to be judgmental and correct me if i am wrong, by studies of various documents indicated that all members of Skull & Bones share their "secret" and are bound to silence about it for life. The 2 President Bush and John Kerry never renounced publicly the order, so they still are bound by what they had pledged and the "secret". Contrary to the Masons and the Catholic secret societies where only the top echelon (32nd degree I guess if my memory is right) get into the inner circle, all Skull and Bones members are in the inner circle.
    But as you say, love never fails, and there is always time for total public repentance for those who are in these secret societies.
    I am glad we could have an open, frank and civilized discussion about this topic.
    Blessings, Bernard

  4. Repentance is between God and man. We come to God and tell Him about our "secret" lifes. Thank God I didn't have to tell the public about it.
    Whether these people do a public or private repentance, I pray that they truly choose to follow God and not satan... But how can we know whether someone follows God or Satan? We know them by their fruits... We know them by their words. What's coming out of their mouths?.. This is what helps us to see whether someone is for, or against us...
    I'm always "open" for discussions. It helps me to dig deeper in what I believe. Everyone I speak with, I speak from a place of love.
    We MUST fight for unity in the Body.
    Love you my brother!