Monday, March 21, 2011

Sweet Dream, Or Beautiful Nightmare, part 2

It's been a looong time since I last wrote... Sorry for keeping you waiting...

Half psychotic, sick hypnotic
Got my blue print, it's symphonic
Half psychotic, sick hypnotic
Got my blue print, electronic...
Lady Gaga, in her monster ball tour, In the beginning of her show, she says,
"Now I want you to remember, that tonight, you are not a human anymore. Tonight you became a monster...
Kings wrote the history of their people. It's the prolific nature that both creates and procure, what will later be perceived as, the kingdom. So... the real truth about lady gaga fans, my little monsters, lies in this sentence... (ok, here we go, lets pay attention to what she's about to reveal.)
They are the kings, they are the queens, they write the history of the kingdom. And I am simply a devoted jester. It is in the theory of perception that we have established our bond; Or the lies I should say, for which we kill. We are nothing without our image, without our projection. Without the spiritual hologram of who we perceive ourselves to be. Or rather to become, in the future.
 When you're lonely, I'll be lonely too, and this is the fame..."
During these words, Lady Gaga is shown, in various costumes that portray bondage... Not able to break free... 
Who the son has set free, is free indeed. 
Thank you Lord, for setting Lady Gaga free.  
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