Friday, January 7, 2011

The Immoral Woman

Seeking God's wisdom, knowledge and understanding, on a continuous basis; and clinging to those who do the same, will protect you from falling to the woman who flatters with the lips, the hips, the tits, and many other tricks thats not for kids. She encourages you to slip and fall for treats. Oh how sweet it is... Twisting Gods words,"come taste and see that I am good."
Many of our strong men misunderstood...
We all have fallen short instead of rising tall. So instead of judging, let's instead encourage our men to stay connected to the source of good loving...
Go ahead, let your head penetrate Love Himself, until He releases the renewing of your mind, increasing His wisdom knowledge and understanding, so that your eyes is no longer blind.
You can now see this woman's craftiness, using technology. Pornography on the rise, which causes so many strong men to smile, even though inside their heart cries...
"These women were designed to be helpmates!... Stopping me from making mistakes... Why are you the cause of my mistakes?... Drawing me closer to the burning lake... Yearning, aches... So much pain"...
I encourage you men to leave the immoral woman and seek the love of a man, name Yahshua. Many know this man as Jesus. His plan is for you to be free.
Selling your soul to this woman will cost you so much more than you can naturally see.
You are not alone... We, the body of this man Jesus, are here to help you. Believe me, The Body, forgive me, us, for judging you. We too are guilty. We've all come short of the Glory. Let's refuse to be offended by those who know not what they do. For those who do understand, the knowledge of God's wisdom; let us hold hands and encourage others in the Body to join us in building God's Kingdom.
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