Friday, May 27, 2011

Celebrities crying out

I know.... It's been a long time since my last post...
Let's go!
This video is part 1 of 3. You can also watch parts 2 and 3.

April 27th, 1961, John F Kennedy's last speech was very eye opening. He wanted to tell the American people, the secret... He asked for our help in informing and alerting the American people... President John F Kennedy desired for every man to be what he was born to be... FREE!... But many MASONS, instead chose to keep us in bondage.
Now I do believe that there are many Freemasons who are truly seeking God, but many of them are not aware of what's going on in the high degree of masonry.

Hip Hop artists like, Maino, Prodigy, and so many others, talk about this secret society running the music industry.
Dave Chapelle, says that something is going on in Hollywood and he wants nothing to do with it anymore. In this same interview Dave briefly spoke about his friend Martin Lawrence, running out in the street, waving a gun saying, "They're trying to kill me..."
Hip Hop artist ODB, before he died (murdered), in an interview stated that they were trying to kill him... He says he "can't shake these cats... These are the big cats."
Jermaine Jackson and Latoya Jackson believe that their brother, Michael Jackson, was murdered.
Dr Conrad Murray, the one who gave Michael Jackson his death medicine, is a Freemason... No wonder he's still a "free" man.
Before Michael Jackson was murdered he publicly spoke to a group of people about not believing the lies and waking up to the truth. He also asked the people to help him in exposing what's going on.
Jay Z even gave a hint to his audience in one of his music, regarding Michael Jackson, 2 Pac and Biggie being killed by a secret group.
Rapper 2 Pac's last album, before he was murdered, had the word, "Killuminati" on his album and had various songs exposing what was going on.
Rap artist, Notorious Big, before he was murdered, stated that he realized how much power he had on the people and he now wants to use that power to do the right thing.
  Rapper 50 Cent, in one of his latest songs, stated that they turned him... He can't believe they got to him... 50 Cent expressed in his music that he finally gave in to the secret society, and he's not happy about the decision he made.

If you believe there is no such thing as a secret society that's doing the devil's biddings, then why are so many celebrities talking about it? Why would the President of the United States Of America do a whole public speech about it?
God is raising up a remnant called to the arts and entertainment industry, to answer the prayers of these celebrities.
If you are apart of this remnant, don't be weary in well doing. There is a reason why it seems so hard.
1- Satan obviously doesn't want you in
2- Yhwh is testing you, because He wants you to have what it takes... And having what it takes, means to truly have Him. Be 100% sold out to Yhwh, so that you don't, like many other celebrities, fall into signing your name to D'evils.

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  1. How do you reconcile that with attending a Church whose pastor is a member in good standing of the Skull & Bones secret society?

    1. Don't attend fake Churches, that's how do it.

  2. Simple... You know a man by his fruits. In the Bible, Paul was apart of an elite that persecuted Christians. When he started following Jesus, many found it hard to believe because of the organization Paul was affiliated with... If someone says he or she is on my side, I first believe and then watch to see what fruits he or she is producing... I've been around Pastor Dan for about 13 years now... I personally know, without a doubt, what fruits he's producing. Trust me...

  3. Plus... He's boldly preached, without apology, the good news at Yale, and after that he hasn't been invited back... But YHWH is working some things out... People are fighting for more Christian events at Yale, so we're praying and believing for Pastor Dan to be invited back... And I know Satan is already upset about it :-)

  4. I'm glad that there are Christians out there fighting this front of the battle. My eyes were recently opened to it. Can anyone point me in a direction to find more; and what I can do?

  5. Have faith a d trust and believe that Lord God is GOD. Stay strong and minister the word to every and anyone. But most of all love until you cant love anymore.....and I love you.

  6. Great to see fellow Christians on here commenting on the sadness happening in Hollywood. I myself have just awakened to the madness around us. Now with the new survelience being initiated through our government to spy on us, I'm scared to even say that I love Jesus online.

  7. It has nothing to to witht the devil. That's a facade of fear used to brainwash the people further. It's a masquerade. The real truth is that they are greedy people. Greedy for power and control. The only way to be truly free is to not believe in anything. That includes religion. Keep the mind open and clear and keep your integrity. Integrity is your biggest ally to remain as a free and responsible human.

  8. Life is black and white in many ways. Contrary to the rules society teaches us, their is an in between. Our very human bodies are a great example of balance. Love one another, try to do what we know is moral, and have faith of some kind.

  9. Everyone talking about the free masons and the illuminati I have yet heard anyone admit that secret societies began in Africa. African societies was in existence thousands of years before the shot callers in the illuminati existed. All the illuminati is forces that is pimping the ancient spiritual secrets of ancient Africa and using it for negative ends.
    All the illuinati is using is a lot of Egytology.