Friday, June 3, 2011

Celebrities crying out part 2

This video is part 1 of 3. You can also watch parts 2 and 3...

Many former satanist worshippers have received the Messiah and some even risk their lifes, exposing the evil...
There are many followers of Satan who feel that there master was misunderstood.
Many followers of Satan wear crosses because they see it as a form of blasphemy. Satan wants his followers to deride Christ.
One of Satan's goal is to destroy the Bible without burning it.
Charles Darwin was personally tutored by the fallen Lucifer.

Rap artists such as, Jay Electronica and 50 cent are giving in to satanic agreements and even express it through their music. Both of these artists know that it is the wrong choice, but they've made the decision, deciding to deal with the consequences later because they've tried to be successful without selling their souls but they got tired of the struggle.
Joe Budden is another artist who's been tired of the struggle but he, along with others, still chooses not to sell his soul.
Artists like Bob Dylan, Kate Perry, during their interviews, even stated they sold their souls to the devil.
Jay Z's personal engineer, Young Guru, also spoke about artists being slaves to a higher power. "when you sign a contract, you ask to become a slave..."

"I sacrificed my life for this hip hop shit. I put my real life on hold. If I could do it over, I would have went to school. Got me a reg job."- Rapper, Bow Wow.

Rapper, The Game stated on twitter that the illuminati is real and that they're killing everybody... He then says,"and since I'm drunk I might as well tell ya'll: Illuminati killed Bob Marley, Big, Pac and Michael Jackson... After this tweet I might be next."

Lupe Fiasco was given the option to sign a 360 deal (a 360 deal is a contract that gives the label the right to own everything you do, even if they were not apart of you building a particular business... Even if it has nothing to do with music). Lupe Decided not to take the deal and as a result, the label decided not to promote and market his music. Lupe, even though he's signed to a label, had to take his own money, to promote his music.
Lupe fights back through his music, exposing the evil that's going on in the music industry. During one of his performance on The Letterman Show, Lupe says, "No New World Order."... boldly showing people where he stands. I pray for his protection. Many other artists in the past, lashed out against the evil and lost their lifes because of it. I pray that the artists that are lashing out now, will find the true answer, which is only in the Messiah, who died for ALL men.

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  1. Stay strong don't let the illuminati take over. - We're all slaves to TV and products that's getting promoted through it and other medias the only reason that weed is illegal is because it fights those toixes in those products which control our brains. Now I might just sound like some pothead but that is up to you. Not everyone is enlighted but if jah pleases we'll get saved as soon as we learn the meaning of love and peace. Keep the fight up and stay safe my brother, stay safe..!

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