Friday, July 8, 2011

I'm in love with Judas

Lady Gaga's music video, "Im in love with Judas..."

She comes into town with the disciples and she's riding with someone who seems to be playing the role of Jesus. She's singing about being in love with Judas but she's not riding with him. At first I didn't understand this.
All the bikers had their names on their (skull and bones) jackets but the Jesus looking character, who had a golden thorn crown on his head, had something covering his name.
Throughout the video, the Judas character is acting wild and rebellious, and Gaga is obviously not drawn, or attracted, to him in anyway . At one point in the video, when Gaga says,"Im in love with Judas, you can see something moving inside of the Jesus looking character, as if he's possessed... But why did the video show the Jesus looking character as being possessed, and not Judas?
Towards the end of the bridge Gaga says,"I wanna love you, but something's pulling me away from you, Jesus is my virtue, and Judas is the demon I clinge to... I clinge to!"
The person she was clinging to, throughout the whole video, is this Jesus looking character and not Judas!
Huh? I thought this was about Judas?!
 That's when I realized... The music video confirms that this Jesus looking Character she's clinging to, is actually the possessor who is Satan, and not Jesus. The video was showing you the possessor himself, being Gaga's messiah. The Jesus looking character is just a vessel. Again, this is why when Gaga said, "I'm in love with Judas, it showed something moving inside this man.
So, again, even though there was a Judas character in the video, Gaga know's that Judas was just a vessel who was used by her Messiah, the possessor.  
At one point in the video, the Possessor (Jesus looking character) faces the one who was once possessed, Judas. Judas kisses the Possessor, but it wasn't a kiss of betrayal but a kiss of allegiance... The kiss of allegiance signified that, like Judas, others can be used as vessels to carry out the calling of their messiah. 

Now Lady Gaga knows about the Real Messiah, Jesus and that's who she really wants to love, but the forces of evil are pulling her away and she's caught up in a lifestyle where she's clinging to this fake Messiah.
This is why, towards the end of the video, a tear falls from her eye... She is not happy. The video also shows her dressed up as a doll, and people seem to be controlling and abusing her, which signifies that she's not in control of her life... She is a slave. 
I pray for Lady Gaga to be set free, so that she can finally get to know The Real Messiah, who is her virtue.

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  1. The truth will set her free. Good description of the video. I didn't even see it yet, but you brought me right in the middle of the scene.

    Looking forward to your next concert or album.