Monday, July 18, 2011

Rebellion part 2

Lupe Fiasco seems to be in rebellion right now... A rap artist who's been refusing to sell his soul to the industry and has been doing everything he can to wake people up to the truth. Through his cry for freedom, he created a music video that boldly expresses his feelings. I won't even break down this video for you, just watch it... It speaks for itself.

OK... I can't help it! I gotta break down just a few things.
The video starts with a woman getting locked up in one of those concentration camps that our government has built.  Notice what the newspaper says,"Spiritual Leader Abducted at her rally on Saturday."- That should give you a little hint as to who they desire to put in these camps.
This Spiritual leader is now forced to watch things that are designed to gain control of her mind.
Lupe sees what's happening and decides to do something about it. His goal is to save the "Spiritual Leader", so that she is not mind controlled (similar to what happened to Britney Spears).
"They" desire to mind control the spiritual leaders and use them to spiritually destroy their religious followers.

Lupe knows that this could probably cost him his life, but he would rather try to make a difference, than to be lukewarm about it.
Lupe enters a bus that's filled with many people who are caught up in the disease outbreak, which is apart of controlling the people, and he begins to express his freedom of speech that no longer exist and is dragged out by "Martial Law" and is brought to the concentration camp...
Now before Lupe was taken to the concentration camp, he first met with the Elites. The elites recognize that Lupe is not turning back. Lupe, right now, is currently going through a time of speaking out and the elites are watching him closely. In this Video he expresses that he will not stop, and he will not allow himself to be controlled. Lupe expresses that he wants to be apart of freeing the Spiritual Leader(s), and His music is what's giving him the key/The Power to escape, to rescue and to overcome the evil.

Many artists who retaliated, ended up being murdered, so we need to pray for protection over Lupe's life.

Michael Jackson was planning to do a show called "This Is It." The focus of that show was to reveal to the masses, what's going on. The main song he was planning to use in revealing things to the masses, was a song called, "They don't care about us."
Michael was silenced... R.I.P
Tupac was tired of being used and in one of his songs, "Black Jesus," Tupac talks about receiving Jesus in his life, and he started going against evil, the only way he knew how. His last album was called Makevelli, Killuminati...
He was silenced... R.I.P
Biggie, after Tupacs death realized how much power they had... Putting West coast against East coast, and in an interview Biggie said that he decided that he's now going to use his power to influence people to do the right thing.
He was silenced... R.I.P
President John F Kennedy spoke up against the secret society and their plans, and said that as long as he is President, he's not going to allow it.
He was silenced... R.I.P
And the list goes on.....

In other Lupe videos like, "The show goes on, and "I'm Beamin" Lupe boldly speaks against the "masters" who are in control of the slaves. Now some people feel that Lupe, even though he's doing these positive songs, is still being controlled by the "masters." The reason why they say this is because, in his videos, like "The show goes on" and "I'm beaming," he's still surrounded by the secret society symbols throughout his videos. I personally find that pretty strange as well, but since he's making steps in the right direction, I want to encourage and support him for that. Chances are, he's still, in certain ways, bound. Even though he makes songs against the "masters" he still might be bound to wear what they say (skull and bones designs) and be in video's that are still filled with secret society symbols.
In this latest video however (Words I never said), it seems that he's gaining more freedom. This would explain the fight scene in the video... Keep fighting Lupe!

I pray for Lupe's protection and pray that Yhwh thrust the perfect laborers across his path.

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