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Past, Present and Future- The book of Daniel.

This is a Quick history lesson, according to the prophecies written in the book of Daniel.

Babylon (605BC-539BC): Babylon was seen as a head of fine gold” (Dan 2), and was also seen as a lion, who had eagle's wings (Dan 7).

Media-Persia (539BC-331BC): Media-Persia was seen as the breast and arms of silver (Dan 2). They were also seen as a bear (Dan 7), and also as a ram (Dan 8).

Greece (331BC-168BC): Greece was seen as the belly and thighs of brass (Dan 2). Greece was also seen as a leopard (Dan 7), and also as a goat (Dan 8).

Rome- (168 BC-476AD): Rome was seen as the legs of iron (Dan 2). Jesus was born during the reign of Rome.

“And it came to pass in those days, that there went out a decree from Caesar Augustus that all the world should be taxed. (And this taxing was first made when Cyrenius was governor of Syria.)”- Luke 2:1-2.

Daniel 11:20 also talks about this time of taxation. Cyrenius was the one who started it but he died shortly after.

Jesus was also crucified during the time of Rome (Dan 11:22- The prince of the covenant)
During the Roman Empire, John received Revelation regarding the great tribulation that was coming.

Divided Rome and the Papacy (The little horn): From 476 AD, to our present time. Divided Rome was seen as the feet mixed with iron and clay (Dan 2). Rome was also seen as the dreadful and terrible beast (again, Dan 7).

Within the Great Tribulation:
Now in 538 AD (Dan 11:31), the Papacy came into full power. The daily sacrifices were taken away, but then the Papacy was fully established (Daniel 11:31). The Papacy took the place of God and even changed God’s laws, declaring Sunday to be the day of gathering for holy convocation (A large formal assembly, especially one specifically convened), instead of the Sabbath (Saturday), which is according to scripture. They also omitted the commandment which stated, “Thou shalt not make unto thee any graven images (Ex 20:4), and have incorporated Jesus in the symbolism of the pagan sun god, which Yah spoke against, in Ezek 8:15-16 that talks about the abomination of the sun god worship.

The Papacy’s power was from 538 to 1798 (1260 years). During this time, the “Holy” Roman Empire, led by the Papacy, killed over 50 million people who didn’t bow to their system (Daniel 11:32-33). The people that suffered were the ones who had to flee to the wilderness, according to Revelation 12.

 A break within the Great Tribulation:

In 1798 (Daniel 11:34-35), Napoleon, during the time of reformation, sent his general after the pope, and the pope was locked up. God’s people received help and their days of tribulation was shortened (Mathew 24:22 & Dan 11: 34). The Papacy received a deadly wound (Revelation 13:3).

Review of the 2300 Day (years) Prophecy (Dan 8, 9):

·         The 2300 years prophecy began in 457 BC, which was the decree to rebuild Jerusalem (Ezra 7:1-27).

·         457 BC- 27AD, was 483 years (7 weeks & 62 weeks prophecy): Baptism of Jesus took place.
·         27AD- 31AD, was 3 ½ years (Middle of the one week prophecy): The Prince, Jesus, established the covenant when He died on the cross.

·         31AD- 34AD, was 3 ½ years (The second half of the one week prophecy): Between this time, Jesus rose again, many saw him, and the gospel continued to spread to the Jews.

·         34AD- 538: In 34AD, which was the 490th year out of the 2300 years prophecy, Stephen was stoned (Acts 7:59). A little after, Paul became a believer and the gospel was now being preached to the Gentiles. How often should I forgive my brother?... 70 x 7 times, which is 490 years (Matt 18:21-22). God forgave the Jews for 490 years and then He began focusing on the Gentiles. Later on, around 65- 66AD, John receives revelation regarding a great tribulation to come. In 70AD, the people representing another prince, which is after our Prince Jesus, destroyed the earthly sanctuary. This was the beginning of a tribulation period.

·         538- 1798, was 1260 years (A dark time within the great tribulation): The dark ages of Papal Supremacy. Over 50 million people killed for not bowing to their beast (system).
·         1798- 1844: In 1798, Pope Pius VI was captured by the French general and the great tribulation was shortened. 1844 was the end of the 2300 years prophecy and the sanctuary in heaven was cleansed (Jesus, our High Priest went from the outer courts into the inner courts for us, completing the final process… “I go to prepare a place for you”).

The resurrected “Holy” Roman Empire:

·         1929- 20?? : In 1929, The Papacy regained power, and they will continue to gain more and more power, until the return of the Messiah.

Power of the Pope, which was re-established:

Roman Catholic commentary, Lucius Ferraris, prompta bibliotheca, vol 2: “The pope can modify divine law, since his power is not of man but of God, and he acts in the place of God upon earth, with the fullest power of binding and loosing his sheep.”
Pope Nicolas the 1st, as cited in the papacy and the civil power: “It is evident that the pope cannot be bound or unbound by any earthly power, nor even by that of the apostle (Peter), if he should return upon the earth; Since Constantine the great has recognized that the pontiffs held the place of God upon earth, divinity not being able to be judged by any living man. We are then infallible, and whatever may be our acts we are not accountable for them but to ourselves.”

Pope Leo XIII, the great encyclical letters: “But the supreme teacher in the church is the roman Pontiff (pope). Union of minds therefore, requires together with a perfect accord with the one faith, complete submission and obedience of will to the church and the Roman Pontiff, as to God Himself.”

The pope is the little horn who has no desire for women (Dan 11:37). He sits on the beast, which is the “Holy” Roman Empire. They worship the sun god, and they worship the mother of god (the mother of their sun god). The mother is the one who rides the beast. The sun god (Ezek 8:14, Tammuz) was born on December 25th, and Tammuz is now seen as their Messiah, Jesus. This is why many Christians are deceived into celebrating the day of the sun god Tammuz (Dec 25th).

(Jesus was born/tabernacle with us, during the feast of Tabernacles- late September, early October)

The near future: (Actually, some of this is already taking place now)

The king of the South (Originated in Egypt- worshipers of the moon god- Islam leadership) will push against the King of the North ( Originated in Rome- worshipers of the sun god- Christianity- Catholic leadership), but the king of the south will not be able to stand against the king of the north.
The king of the North will gain great control and will also have power over the gold and silver (history repeating itself, as the king of the north tries to gain complete control, like they did in 538AD)

Further explanation regarding the Kings of the north and south:

The king of the north verses the king of the south is Christianity verses Islam. When I say Christianity, I’m speaking of the pagan Christianity movement. They became unequally yoked with pagan worship. Christianity changed God’s day of gathering to Sunday, which is a day after the Sabbath, and Islam changed God’s day to Friday which is a day before the Sabbath. This is another symbolism of one King moving north from God’s law/instruction and another king moving south from God’s law/instruction. When you also look at a geographic map that shows the religions of the world, you’ll notice that Islam is mainly south of Israel and Christianity is north of Israel. A religious geographic map will also show you that the Christian religion is more dominant worldwide. This is the reason why the king of the south will not prevail against the king of the north (God is against both of these religions that has changed His laws). Islam acknowledges the real Messiah in the Koran, yet they’ve replaced him with Muhammad. Christianity acknowledges the real Messiah in the Bible, yet they’ve replaced him with the Pope. We saw an example, regarding the Pope being placed as the head of the church. In April 2008, the pope came to the US and many church leaders from various Christian denominations came to show reverence to him. I’ll spare you the details of all the church leaders that came and bowed to the Pope.

Now throughout history there’s been an Elite group who manipulates the fights between the king of the north and the king of the south, as well as other fights. They always make a profit. They feel as if they’re completely in control, using people and their religion as puppets. They don’t realize that God (Yahuwah) is above them all, and they are fulfilling His prophecy, which is according to the book of Daniel and Revelation.

King of the south, Islam time-line:

670AD they rose into great power, and eventually fought against the king of the north, which gave room for the reformation to take place against the king of the north. In 1840 the Islamic kingdom lost power; then in 1970 they regained power, and will continue to grow in power, until the Christian kingdom over powers them.

King of the north, Pagan Christianity time-line:

538AD rose into great power and then received a deadly wound in 1798AD. Then in 1929 they rose back into power, and will continue to be in power until the return of the Messiah.

The Return of the Messiah: The last trumpet

The Great Stone- Jesus is seen as the great stone, made without hands (Dan 2). This stone, in the future, will come (the second coming) and crush the statue (Babylon- head, Media-Persia: Breast and arms, Greece- Belly and thighs, Rome- Legs, and Divided Rome- Feet, which is the last part of the Babylonian reign).
At the sound of the last trumpet, the Messiah will return and the great Tribulation will finally be over. Dan 12- The Messiah returns with his angels and gathers all of God’s people… 1st the dead in Christ, people such as Daniel (Dan 12:13), will rise and 2nd, the rest who are still alive on earth will be caught up/ gathered with them. All those throughout history, that believed and accepted Jesus (They are resting- Abraham’s bosom), will be raised on the last day (John 6:40, 44, 54). After the Messiah gathers his people, he will annihilate the final phase of Babylon.

***Side note- Hebrews 11 & 12, “Clouds” of witnesses doesn’t mean heaven. However there is a group, similar to Enoch and Elijah, who were directly chosen from the great tribulation, as God’s first fruits***

Mountain (Dan 2), Kingdom of God: After Babylon completely falls, the heavenly Jerusalem will come down to earth. We will have a new heaven and a new earth, and we will remain on earth with the Messiah who will then give us the kingdom (wealth of the wicked laid up for the just).  

Our focus should not be, to prepare God’s people to reign in heaven. Our focus should be, to prepare God’s people to reign on earth. Jesus went to prepare for us, and what He has prepared, will come down to us. We will have a new heaven and a new earth and we will reign ON earth.

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