Friday, July 20, 2012

Who Runs The World, part 3

Let's get off Obama's case and move on to Osama. Did you know that our government funded Osama?... And did you know that 9/11 was not done by Osama but was actually done by our own government? Osama was the scape goat! But yet everybody cheers when they heard about the death of Osama, and the real killers are still alive. smh
Please do not tell me you still think the planes were the result of the twin towers' being completely destroyed... The planes were a distraction. There has been evidence that there were bombs in the basement that exploded, which caused the twin towers to fall demolition style. Do you remember the world trade center bombing in 1993?... Bombs in the basement?!... Well, this time they made sure they had more than enough bombs to take the towers down... Not Planes!!!
1993 bombing was like a test run. What about building 7? That building also came down, demolition style... The planes didn't hit that building! So how did it come down?!... Explosives in the basement.

Let's jump to another subject and quickly talk about the wonderful right to vote in the Presendential election...

"Those who vote, decide nothing. Those who count the votes, decide everything."-  Josef Stalin, Russian Dictator

The private bankers has the power to, not count your vote, if they want to...
 It no longer matters if you are a democtrat or republican. The government owns both parties and the government is a slave to the Federal Reserve, which is operated by the private bankers. People are fighting over who should be elected, while the private bankers are laughing because they already decided who will be elected.

"I am a most unhappy man. I have unwittingly ruined my country. A great industrial nation is now controlled by its system of credit. We are no longer a goverment by free opinion, no longer a goverment by conviction, and the vote of the majority, but a goverment by the opinion and duress of a small group of dominant men." - Woodrow Wilson, 1919

During the last Presidential election, I prayed to God about who I should vote for. He said, "Don't vote for Obama, but Obama will be President." Huh?!... I didn't understand, but then after the election, I started doing some research... I felt this burning desire to study what's going on in and outside of our country... My research further confirms that the Word of God is the only foundation we can trust... Seriously!
I still remember when I heard someone say,"Those who didn't vote for Obama are idiots..."
You ever had someone running his/her mouth about something and you know you have the power to completely make that person look like a fool?... I had to fight the temptation... I didn't even waste my breathe, trying to explain.

There is so much hype of 2012 and the Mayan calender... Now the mayans didn't say the world would end in 2012. What the Mayans predicted was that our current age would end and a new age would begin... New World Order.
The Mayans. through satanic rituals, received satan's plan for the world.
The Luciferian elite desires to have population reduction because it will be easier to get everyone chipped if we have a smaller population.
This is something that one of the Rockefeller's admitted to Aaron Russo.

In an animated cartoon called The Boondocks, it shows President Obama on TV... The President stated that he and his family will be safe in an undergorund hideout but as for you (The people) you're going to go through some tough times... Then the guy watching the TV says, "We're gonna die, and starts crying."

The goverment is preparing for a catostrophic event and has built secret under ground hideouts. A designer for under ground hideouts, told his interviewers some clues that lead them to the Denver airport. The Denver airport seems to have the largest underground hideout; and the most shocking thing about the airport is that they have, in the airport, art work that shows people being protected underground and many others dying above ground. This artwork is ignored by the thousands of travelers but yet the artwork is in plain sight.

A retired air force cardinal shows an interviewer an underground hideout... The interviewer asked,"What would happen in the even that... Hundreds of Thousands of people storm the gates, trying to get in?... Are your security forces prepared to fire on American citizens to protect the facility?" His responce,"Umm... They're trained to protect this facility."

What catostrophic event is coming our way? Why are there undergound facilities being built by the government?
Did you know that Hurricane Katrina was man made?... The Earthquake in Haiti also man made?... And many others were also man made. Have you ever heard of H.A.A.R.P?
The US Goverment has a high voltage machine... If they point it down to the earth, they can actually cause earthquakes, which can also cause a Tsunami; And when they point it up in the sky, they can cause hurricanes and other strange weathers to accure. Not only that, they can also target it to a particular place in the world... Talk about playing God.

What is the ultimate goal?... One World Government... 

No, I'm not trying to scare ya! All I'm saying is that, relying on the world's system will only lead you to death. God has a better plan for your life. In these last days he wants YOU to be the solution for those who are lost.
GOD WILL PROVIDE!... But YOU need to stop playing church and get serious! People are being set up to fail, and you can do something about it.

If you have time to watch, here is part 1 out of 3 videos, that will touch on some of the things I spoke about... Very enlightening!

If you want to watch what Aaron Russo Produced... Here you go!

During WWII, Franklin D. Roosevelt by executive order, ordered the detention of  American citizens. They were of japanese decent, but they were all American citizens... Over 100,000 American citizens were detained by the government.

Concentration Camps, similar to what America had during WWII, are already built all over the country.

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