Thursday, November 4, 2010

Fallen Angel

I previously spoke about Chris Brown's song, "Fallen Angel." A song that basically says that the fallen angel is wrongfully judged by this mean God and that we need to take our judgement off her...
Now we got the latest vid from kanye west, that is about 35 mins long. This vid was amazing! The message however, was designed to turn us away from God (runaway)....

In the beginning, Nicki Minaj says something very interesting...
"you might think youve peeped the scene you havent
the real one is far too mean
the watered down one, the one you know
was made up centuries ago
it made it sound all wack and corney
yes it's awful blasted boaring
twisted fiction sick additions
but gather round children sip it listen."

What is she trying to say?
Let's see what Kanye West is teaching our young kids....

Fallen Angel Falls to the Earth. Kanye picks her up and carries her to his place.
They're building their relationship...
The Fallen angel, later, gets upset about something...
She asks Kanye, "All the statues that we see, where do you think it came from?"
Kanye: I think artist carved then.
She says: No, their pheonix turn to stone...
Fallen: Do you know what I hate most about your World?
Anything that is different you try to change. You try to tare it down.
You ripped the wings off the pheonix and it turns to stone.
And if I don't burn I will turn to stone.
Kanye: What do you mean you have to burn? (interesting!)
Fallen: If I don't burn I can't go back to my World.
Kanye: I don't want you to go back to your World. I want you to stay here with me.
Fallen: I have to burn
Kanye: No, I'll never let you burn (mmm, Kanye is taking a stand... For who?)
Then he kisses the fallen.... They get really intimate.
He wakes up and realize she's gone...
He's running as fast as he can to stop her from burning.

Song at end of video- Run from the "light", down for the "night", run for your life.

Then you see the Fallen rising back up in the sky....

Then the song says- "Who will survive in America?"

Then it ends with the title: Run Away

"So gather round children, sip it listen"... So what is Kanye Subconciously teaching the children?
Runaway... From who?

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  1. I pray that your clean and uplifting Hip-Rock songs will bring a positive message to the young people and bring them closer to a true relationship with Jesus. Blessings, Bernard