Monday, December 13, 2010

Keys to death, hell and the grave

Jesus (Yahshua) died on the cross, went to Hell and took the keys to death, Hell, and the grave. So does this mean WE have the keys to death Hell and the grave? Can we actually do what Jesus did?... Can we go to Hell, preach and set people free?
Well, that was Jesus...
Well, are we not one with Jesus? No one else can be the Head, but are we not the Body? If the head has the keys, then the Body has the keys... We've heard stories of people dying for 5, 10 minutes, going to Hell, and they got pulled out of Hell and came back to life... What if someone dies, and they've been in Hell for 5,10 years? Is there a limit?
Where are they going to get a body from, genious?!
Jesus died, went to hell and when He was resurrected, He wasn't alone. It says in the scriptures that others were resurrected, so they must have miraculously gotten their body back, somehow. If it happened once before, it can happen again.
Hold up, but we talking about Jesus here. You're not Jesus!
Yea, but there is no seperation among us. We are one. Greater things shall we do... Not because we're better. We will do greater things because He is operating through the Whole Body. He's the one with the Power, operating through His Body, if we allow Him to. We have the Keys to death Hell and the grave. I've heard stories of people overcoming death, overcoming the grave, and overcoming Hell... So is there a limit?
I keep having visions of me going to bed, and while my body sleeps, my spirit travels to Hell, with Jesus (I wouldn't do it without Him. He's my ticket back out), and setting people free. Jesus is the only one who can tell me whether they truly accept the truth or not. Some people would beg me, saying that they repent and Jesus would tap me on the shoulder and say, "He's not changing. He just wants the pain to stop." and then they're others who He confirms, are telling the truth and we save them from Hell, and bring them back to life.
You must a had a lil too much wine my dude! Once you go to hell, that's it!
Says who? What about those stories of people who went to hell and they came back to live. Were they able to come back to life because they were only gone for a few minutes? A believer was there to save them. What if a believer comes 4 days after the person died? What if a believer comes 4 years after the person dies?
In the book of Revelation, at the time of jugement, people are going to be taken out of hell. The books of works and the book of life will be open. Satan and his fallen angels will be thrown in the Lake of Fire, which is Forever. Then Hell is thrown in the Lake of Fire. Then those who are not written in the book of life, will be cast in the Lake Of Fire... Is it possible that these people who are taken out of Hell for judgement, might have a chance to repent and have there names written in the book of life?
Oh hell no!
I just think it's interesting how it's written in Revelation. It just seems to leave room for the possibility of having your name written in the book of life, even though you were burning in Hell for 100 years.
History has a way of repeating itself. Jesus showed mercy and people were taken out of Hell and was resurrected with Him, so is it possible that people can once again be taken out of Hell and resurrect with Jesus? I mean, the Lake of Fire is what burns forever; and the people (who are in Hell) will be taken out for judgement. Will this Judgement be more like a sentencing for the guilty, or is there a possibility of them receiving the One who can wash away their guilty sins?
That's too much for me to think about...

To be continued....

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