Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Man on the moon

During one of my Pastor's sermon, he said something that really had me thinking... He said, "The Earth rotates about 1000 miles per hour"... Wow! I did the research and it is true!... Then I really started thinking about man traveling out of space. If we haven't created anything that travels 1000 miles per hour, how did we put a man on the moon? Attempting to leave a planet that rotates a 1000 miles per hour sounds suicidial... But don't we have evidence of man landing on the moon? Was it actually a hoax?
Even if we were able to go to space, how could we get back on a planet that's spinning 1000 miles per hour?
As I write this blog, I'm reminded of the song, "Man On The Moon"
"Andy did you hear about this one
tell me are you locked in the punch...
If you believed, they put a man on the moon...
If you believed, their nothing up their sleeves..."

Soooo, did Man walk on the moon?
If they lied about sending man to the moon, what else could they be lying about?...

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  1. "The Earth rotates about 1000 miles per hour" it depends of the reference point - that speed is only for the earth surface. The closer you are from the earth center the lower the speed. When the Saturn-5 rocket with the Apollo-lem capsule was launched toward the moon, it was launched in a direction to take advantage of that relative speed at the surface, thus adding momentum.

  2. The Earth spins 1000 per hour and,in addition to that, it travels around the sun around 67,000 miles per hour... Wow!
    I also looked at some vids on youtube that had some really hard evidence about it being one of the biggest hoax in history.

  3. "The speed at which the earth spins varies upon your latitudinal location on the planet. If you're standing at the north pole, the speed is almost zero but at the equator, where the circumference of the earth is greatest, the speed is about 1,038 miles per hour (1,670 kph). The mid-latitudes of the U.S. and Europe speed along at 700 to 900 mph (1125 to 1450 kph)...."

    The Earth also rotates around the sun at about 67,000 miles per hour.
    Now I know that the moon travels with the Earth, but then the moon also rotates around the Earth at about 2000 miles per hour. (God is amazing)

    I'm not claiming to know the answers but I must say that some of the vids showing evidence of man landing on the moon being a hoax, is pretty convincing.