Sunday, November 21, 2010

Satan offers Jesus the World, Part 3

I pray that more and more artists accept Jesus, however He chooses to reveal Himself to them, and turn away from evil...

If Jesus (Yahshua) accepted satan's offer, yes He also would have gained the World without dying on the cross; But then He would have lost His soul and He would not have fulfilled His Destiny.
Satan offers a life that seems like a short cut to your destiny, but it's a lie!
To gain the World, was a huge temptation for Jesus because Satan was the rightful owner of all the Kingdoms. Jesus decided to go through the process. A process that was filled with suffering. Jesus was not moved by satan's offer.
I am so thankful that Jesus went through the process, instead of taking the short cut. God's way might seem longer, but trust me, His way is the best way.
If you're not enjoying the process, your walk with God, then all you need to do is go harder... Meaning, seek Him harder. Desire to be close to Him. Yes, there is suffering involved, but the closer you are to Him, the more Power you will obtain. The power is not for you to brag about you. The power is so you can brag about Him. This Power that He gives, will cause the enemy to flee... And they will say,
"No one man should have all that Power!"- next blog coming soon.

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